The History of Joint Implant Surgeons

In 1971, Dr. Thomas Mallory performed the first total hip replacement in Columbus, Ohio, at the Ohio State University Hospital. He founded Joint Implant Surgeons, Inc. in 1972, an orthopaedic surgery practice specializing in total hip and total knee replacement. In 1987, Dr. Adolph Lombardi, Jr. joined the practice after completing Fellowships at both Joint Implant Surgeons and the National Hospital for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation in Arlington, Virginia. Dr. Keith Berend joined the practice in 2003 after training at Duke University and completing a Fellowship at Joint Implant Surgeons.

Our goal has always been to provide the highest level of excellence in patient care. In addition to performing thousands of successful hip and knee replacement surgeries, Joint Implant Surgeons is committed to orthopaedic research. Joint Implant Surgeons was a pioneer in tracking outcomes with an electronic medical records system first implemented in 1980, and all surgery reports back to the beginning of the practice entered into the database. We continuously study the outcomes of our practice and use that information to evolve and improve the quality of our patient care. Our research is regularly published in peer-reviewed orthopaedic journals and textbooks as well as presented by our surgeons at medical conferences worldwide.

A team approach has long been a hallmark of the Joint Implant Surgeons practice. With a well-trained, highly efficient staff in place at every aspect of the practice including the surgery center, the patient floor at the hospital, and the office clinic, Joint Implant Surgeons is able to provide maximum service, quality of care and benefit to the patient. Joint Implant Surgeons has long realized the importance of preoperative education to the recovery process. Well-informed patients know what to expect and how best to facilitate their own recovery process. We have worked closely for many years with physical therapists to develop our rehabilitation program so that patients may recover as quickly as possible with optimal results. A specialized, well-trained, consistent and knowledgeable operating room staff enables our surgeons to perform with skill and precision at peak levels of efficiency while minimizing surgery time and risk of complications.

Joint Implant Surgeons maintains a unique relationship with General Medical Consultants, a practice of internists who specialize in the medical management of surgical patients. Since 1988, General Medical Consultants has maintained office space next to Joint Implant Surgeons. Its physicians perform pre-admission testing of patients undergoing joint replacement as well as assume medical management during the hospital stay. Their expertise in this area has helped to decrease the incidence of medical complications and further enhance the quality of patient care provided by Joint Implant Surgeons.

The physicians of Joint Implant Surgeons were founding members of New Albany Surgical Hospital, an orthopaedic specialty hospital opened in December 2003, which became part of Mount Carmel Health Systems in January 2007. Patients receive outstanding orthopaedic care at this physician-designed facility. Our physicians regularly host orthopaedic education programs, and are visited each year by well over a hundred American and international surgeons.

In 2005, the offices of Joint Implant Surgeons moved from downtown Columbus to a state-of-the-art facility in the New Albany Medical Office Building, located on a picturesque campus right next door to Mount Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital. At that time many technological upgrades were implemented including a digital radiography system.

Joint Implant Surgeons continues into the 21st century as an innovator in the field of joint replacement, further improving upon its record of success and offering the finest quality care to patients suffering from degenerative disease of the hip and knee.

Our Timeline

Dr. Mallory performed...

the first total hip replacement in Columbus, Ohio in 1971.

JIS was founded...

in 1972.

Dr. Lombardi joined...

the practice in 1987

JIS is committed...

to orthopaedic research

Dr. Berend joined...

the practice in 2003

JIS has performed...

thousands of successful hip and knee surgeries

Dr. Hurst joined...

the practice in 2009 and helped to start the Joint Preservation Institute at Joint Implant Surgeons

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