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Hip Bursitis Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery

On the outside area of your hip (greater trochanter) there is something called a bursa that can get inflamed, and cause pain. This is known as hip bursitis.

This simple bit of inflammation can cause some serious pain.

When this begins, quick treatment is beneficial to avoid chronic bursitis that can persist throughout life.

Causes, Signs, and Symptoms of Bursitis in the hip

Hip Bursitis pain is described as tender, with the standard feeling of joint pain. Sometimes the area is warm and swollen, and it can be sharp.

You may notice that when the hip muscles are activated through exercising or putting pressure on it, it can aggravate your symptoms.

This can be brought on by repeated trauma to the bursa. Runners, bikers, stair climbers often aggravate their bursas. You are more at risk for this if you’re overweight or have gout.

Helpful exercises and those to avoid

Physical Therapy and strategic exercises offer potential solutions, and great treatment for trochanteric bursitis. That being said, the wrong exercises can have the opposite effect.

Do these exercises:

Avoid these exercises:

  • Long Distance Walking
  • Long Sets of Exercise/Activity
  • Exercises that activate hip muscles
  • Sitting in the same position for a long time

hip bursitis

Hip Bursitis Treatment and Healing

As mentioned above, physical therapy and exercises can be a solution.

Along with this, icing, anti-inflammatory medications or injections can be helpful.

A surgical treatment and removal of the bursa is highly unlikely.

JIS can diagnose and treat your injury, and help you recover

Think you might have hip bursitis? We’d love to diagnose and treat it for you, so that you can get back to being pain free. Hip Pain Treatment is one of our specializations at JIS. Schedule an appointment online or by calling (866) 604-8766.

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