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Hip Labral Tear Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery

At a central area of your body, fully functional hips are imperative to comfortable, enjoyable daily life. Hip injuries as a result of sports or falls are common, along with arthritis. In most cases the hip injury is treatable. If something is going on with your hip or you suspect you may have a labral tear, where it is painful or debilitating, schedule an appointment with us to get a diagnosis, and start the road to recovery.

Causes, Signs, and Symptoms the Hip Labrum is Torn

The common signs of a torn hip labrum are straightforward: hip pain, groin pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, locking/clicking.

These symptoms are similar to other hip issues, so for a definitive diagnosis, an MRI or 3-D CT scan will be used.

These scans allow physicians to take a clear look at the cartilage and bones in your hip, to understand and treat the issue.

labral tear

Labral Tear Treatment and Recovery

In most cases, a hip injury like a labral tear will require surgery. The good news is that it’s possible for it to be minimally invasive.

If you have other issues compounding the problem, your physician may discuss a hip replacement.

Technically you could avoid surgery and manage the injury, but it could get worse.

Recovery is unfortunately lengthy, even with an arthroscopy. The American Hip Institute does a great job in this article discussing hip surgery recovery.

Physical Therapy plays a key role after surgery.

JIS can diagnose and treat your hip pain, and help you recover

If you’re having hip troubles, we’d love to see you and be a part of your recovery. Getting people back to their typical lifestyle and doing what makes them happy is why we do what we do.

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