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ACL Tear Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery

Every day our knees absorb impact as we exercise, play sports, and go about our day. Naturally in certain situations, the ligaments that support our knee can be sprained or torn. An important ligament for rotation stability of the knee is the ACL, or Anterior Crucial Ligament. You may have heard of an ACL tear, but let’s get into the causes, signs, and symptoms.

Causes, Signs, and Symptoms of an ACL Tear

At JIS Orthopedics we most often see ACL injuries in sports that include jumping, cutting, or pivoting such as football, basketball, soccer, skiing, and more. Sometimes they are the result of high impact or contact, other times someone could be running and twist/move just slightly the wrong way, and the ACL can tear.

Indicators that you have an ACL injury are that you struggle to walk, your knee may feel like it’s sliding out of place or locking, and you may experience pain. You may have also heard a popping sound at the time of injury, and your knee is likely to swell with an ACL injury.

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ACL Sprain vs. ACL Tear

A sprain is essentially when your ligament is stretched to the point where microscopic tearing can occur, leaving it loose and not fully supportive of the knee. There are also two types of sprains, a grade 1 ACL sprain and a grade 2 ACL sprain. A grade 1 ACL sprain is minimal microscopic tearing, where as a grade 2 ACL sprain is more of a moderate tearing, but the ACL remain intact.

A tear is when the ligament is only partially intact or has completely torn, sometimes completely in two. With this, your knee doesn’t have proper stability.


No matter what, it is likely your orthopedic specialist will recommend physical therapy after surgery. Without physical therapy, you may struggle to get your knee back to 100%. Along with this you may start to over or under compensate, which can create issues with your knees, hips, and other areas of the body down the road.

Physical therapy can also help prevent the same injury from occurring again.

JIS can diagnose and treat your injury, and help you recover

If you’re unsure if you have an ACL injury, come visit JIS Orthopedics. We can identify what your injury is, recommend and execute treatment, and help you get back to yourself! Schedule an appointment today by calling (866) 604-8766 or scheduling online and see how we can help you live without limits!

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