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Knee Preservation Surgery in Columbus & New Albany, Ohio

Whether from a recent tennis injury, an old football battle wound or simply walking down the street, we put a lot of stress on our knees that can lead to damage. Many times, these injuries do not require a joint replacement surgery and the injured portion of the knee can be repaired and preserved by having knee preservation surgery. When choosing a knee surgeon, ensure they have the expertise to take care of any knee problem you have like we do at JIS.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the most commonly torn knee ligament. Most everyone knows someone or heard of an athlete that has had an ACL tear. The good new though is that JIS can help. Reconstruction of the ACL is a very successful surgery, allowing athletes to get back to action. A new ACL is created with either tissue from your own body or donated tissue, which restores stability to the knee. If you have torn your ACL, get back before the next season with an ACL reconstruction.

Meniscus Repair or clean-up

The meniscus is a “C” shaped structure that cushions the knee joint. There is a medial (inside) and lateral (outside) meniscus. Tears can occur from acute injuries or develop over time. With large tears from acute injuries, the meniscus can often be repaired. This is essential for normal function and health of the knee. Certain times though, the meniscus is not repairable and must be debrided or “cleaned-up”. If a meniscus tear occurs along with arthritis, surgery for the meniscus is not typically recommended.

Cartilage restoration

Cartilage is the smooth gliding surfaces that covers our joints. When cartilage wears out over the entire surface of a joint, we refer to this as arthritis. However, sometimes there is isolated damage to cartilage that can be repaired. You can think of this like a pothole on an otherwise smooth road. Our goal with cartilage preservation surgery is to fill in that “pothole” to decrease pain and prolong the health of the knee. There are many different types of procedures to treat cartilage damage, and the experts at JIS can guide you through this discussion.


Schedule a visit with a JIS Orthopedics’ knee expert to see if knee preservation surgery is the right option for you. Live without limits!