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Knee Replacement

Knee replacement (knee arthroplasty) is the most common joint replacement surgery performed. Knee arthritis affects millions of Americans and the number of patients needing knee replacement is expected to continue to increase. However, not all knee replacements nor knee replacement surgeons are the same. Learn why JIS surgeons are world-leaders in knee replacement surgery, and the experts you want taking care of your knee.

Partial knee replacement

The knee joint is thought of as having 3 distinct “compartments” that can develop arthritis: medial, lateral and patellofemoral. Just as a dentist doesn’t drill into a normal tooth next to one that has a cavity, you wouldn’t want a replacement on the normal part of your knee. Partial knee replacement allows treatment of arthritis in just the diseased area, letting you to keep the normal portions of the knee. Partial knee replacement allows for a faster recovery, a more “normal” feeling knee and lower surgical risk than total knee replacement. JIS surgeons are national and global leaders in partial knee replacement surgery, and teach the certification courses that allow surgeons to perform this procedure.

Robotic-assisted total knee replacement

Technology is rapidly advancing in all aspects of our lives, and so too in joint replacement surgery. JIS has adopted robotic-assisted total knee replacement to allow precise placement of knee replacement components. This precision may aid in the longevity of the knee replacement as well as knee function. Click here to learn more about the ROSA robotic assisted knee replacement (link to ROSA).

Outpatient total knee replacement

The recovery from total knee replacement as come a long way over the last 30 years. With the experience from over 8,000 same-day outpatient joint replacement surgeries, JIS can get you home and on your way to recovery the same day as your surgery. Our tailored rapid recovery techniques allow for outpatient surgery in patients undergoing all types of knee replacement. Along with minimally invasive surgery, our experienced anesthesia team performs specialized nerve blocks to aid in a quick recovery at home.